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Good Investigations

Good Investigations

She's blonde. She’s clever. She’s in his office. London based PI David Good doesn’t stand a chance.

Good Girl Gone Bad cover Strawberry Girl web image

Good Girl Gone Bad

The Strawberry Girl

Meeting the perfect woman can have its downsides, as London based PI David Good is about to find out.

David Good, the PI with pliable morals, a taste for blondes and a full-on sense of humour, turns out to be a big softie as he takes up the challenge of sorting out yet another domestic mess.

As study gave way to work, the urge to scribble became incessant and Ben spent many, many years doing just that, jotting down in an uncontrolled jumble anything and everything that jostled for space in his head. Eventually order and discipline was established and for several years now, Ben's focus has been on writing crime stories.


Ben now lives in rural Northamptonshire in central England with his family and a heavily over-worked computer.

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Ben is the author of the David Good, Private Investigator stories. Set in London during the 1980s, they follow the adventures of a PI in tune with his neck of the woods and in possession of some distinctly pliable morals. The stories place a big emphasis on relationships, especially those between Good and the many women that pass through his life, and all come served with a side-order of attitude and humour.


Ben was born in London and spent most of his childhood in the semi-rural environs of north-west Kent, before heading off to the altogether different and industrial metropolis of Manchester for three years as an under-graduate.

Why David Good?

I was weighing up what to write for this month’s post when it occurred to me that, although I’ve made many references to my David Good books in my previous posts, I’ve never taken the opportunity to say why it is I write stories about this particular creation. Why David Good? Why not someone else? Where did he come from? What do I like so much about him that I keep writing new stories for him? It is, I feel, time to address this omission.


I’ve said elsewhere (see various of my other posts) that I’d been writing for a long time before I eventually got serious and came up with the DG series. And when I say a long time, I really mean that. I know now that I’ve been a writer, a creator of stories, all my life and I have been conscious of writing in what I describe as bits and pieces for something like thirty years (I just drifted into this). Seems I’m a slow burn!

writing Too Good To Die cover

Too Good to Die

She’s lost in the land of the living. He’s desperate to keep her from the land of the dead.

Smart Way To Die cover sm

Smart Way to Die

When you’re dressed for living and full of beans, a run-in with death might not be all that is seems.

The Good Con cover

The Good Con

She’s Queen of the dancefloor and would-be Queen of the con and she’s about to give London based PI David Good a right old run-around.