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Good Investigations

Good Investigations

Never one to run a mile when a woman needs help, PI David Good finds himself up to his neck in trouble, upsetting unpleasant people with short fuses and their own self-interest to protect.

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Good Girl Gone Bad

The Strawberry Girl

Good girls can seem ten-a-penny at times and David Good thinks he's been lucky enough to find his very own example of well-behaved perfection. But he really ought to have known better.

David Good, the PI with pliable morals, a taste for blondes and a full-on sense of humour, turns out to be a big softie as he takes up the challenge of sorting out yet another domestic mess.

As study gave way to work, the urge to scribble became incessant and Ben spent many, many years doing just that, jotting down in an uncontrolled jumble anything and everything that jostled for space in his head. Eventually order and discipline was established and for several years now, Ben's focus has been on writing crime stories.


Ben now lives in rural Northamptonshire in central England with his family and a heavily over-worked computer.

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Ben is the author of the David Good, Private Investigator stories. Set in London during the 1980s, they follow the adventures of a PI in tune with his neck of the woods and in possession of some distinctly pliable morals. The stories place a big emphasis on relationships, especially those between Good and the many women that pass through his life, and all come served with a side-order of attitude and humour.


Ben was born in London and spent most of his childhood in the semi-rural environs of north-west Kent, before heading off to the altogether different and industrial metropolis of Manchester for three years as an under-graduate.

That's Entertainment

I always had it in mind for my David Good books to be a pretty light and entertaining read. In part this was because I couldn’t really face the prospect of writing grisly, gritty, realistic books that dig deep into the more unpleasant parts of the human mind and the societies in which we live. I think that dwelling on such things would drag me down, deeper and deeper the more time I spent there. That’s not something I want from my writing. I want to enjoy my writing, leave it each day with a spring in my step, and that wouldn’t happen if I was to visit the darker parts of our minds.


I have tried a few times to come up with something that has a harder edge to it, though is still not overly aggressive or unpleasant. I know I have something inside me of the sort, just waiting to get out; something more serious and sombre. Perhaps, I just need to be patient, not try to force things.

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Too Good to Die

A missing woman, an ex-convict out for revenge and a girlfriend with insatiable appetites has PI David Good teetering on the brink.

Smart Way To Die cover sm

Smart Way to Die

An apparently simple case of hit and run soon turns into something altogether more serious for south London's hottest new PI, David Good..